Different Types of Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are known by various names depending on the purpose it required. Some of the commonly used meeting rooms are boardrooms, general meeting rooms, cabinet rooms, and conference rooms.

Let’s check each one of these rooms in detail

Boardroom: As the name suggests, boardrooms are designed to accommodate more than 4 or 5 people. Generally, company directors come together here to decide the policies and plans for the future. Most meetings of the head of the department take place in these rooms.

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The size of the board meeting rooms varies from company to company as some companies may have three to four board of directors while others may have more than five boards of directors.

Boardrooms are only designed exclusively for the use of higher level of employees of the company where no other member of the company is allowed to go.

There are some large boardrooms that have an informal setup. Such types of room have a huge table in the center with chairs around the table.

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Conference room: Conference rooms are meant for having meaningful discussions related to company’s issues and at last have a solution to the issues. There are some companies who don’t have conference rooms hence they rent conference rooms to organize a meeting.

Conference venues  are generally large in size as many attendees attend the meeting. If the company is globally wide then clients from different countries are also involved in these types of conference meetings. Conference rooms should be rented according to the number of people attending the event.

Cabinet room: Cabinet rooms are mainly built for the meetings of political employees with the prime minister or president of the country. Click the link to know about future of meeting rooms.

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There are much more types of meeting room available for different purposes. A banquet room is an event place where receptions and dinner parties are organized.  These are mainly meant for informal events.


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